Dan Gorenstein is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Health Desk, covering the business of healthcare.

Prior to Marketplace, Dan spent more than 11 years at New Hampshire Public Radio. He got his start in journalism at the Chicago Reporter; an investigative journal that examines race and class disparities in the Chicago area. He’s won numerous national and local awards, including the Society of Professional Journalist Sigma Delta Chi investigative reporting award.

You can follow him on Twitter at @dmgorenstein.


Features by Dan Gorenstein

Aging prisoners bring healthcare cost headache

States cut costs of prison healthcare, but aging inmates could drive it back up.
Posted In: prisons, health care costs, elderly
Hess Gas Plant in Tioga

North Dakota oil wells drain energy and money

Fracking oil wells burn off as much a third of the natural gas they release.
Posted In: big oil, fracking, North Dakota

Five million stick to private health insurance

The New England Journal is out with a new analysis of those with health insurance.
Posted In: Health care and insurance, health insurance exchanges
Hobby Lobby

'Family-like' Hobby Lobby has religion, Court rules

Hobby Lobby does not have to comply with the ACA's contraception requirement.
Posted In: ACA, Hobby Lobby, corporations, Supreme Court, contraceptive

Mental health parity opens new business opportunities

New rules mean it will be easier for millions to get mental health treatment.
Posted In: mental health, health insurance

Supreme Court pulls Aereo's plug

The case was watched closely by everyone from ABC to Google to the NFL.
Posted In: Aereo, broadcasters, Supreme Court
Smokeless Tobacco

The market for smokeless tobacco keeps on growing

After the death of Tony Gwynn, it's a hot topic.
Posted In: tobacco, cigarettes

Data opens doors in healthcare, but then what?

A test for the healthcare system is how well providers respond to data.
Posted In: health care, healthcare reform, data
Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.

Data: The secret ingredient in hospital cooperation

Sharing patient information could save billions a year, but it doesn't happen.
Posted In: data, health care


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