Dan Gorenstein is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Health Desk, covering the business of healthcare.

Prior to Marketplace, Dan spent more than 11 years at New Hampshire Public Radio. He got his start in journalism at the Chicago Reporter; an investigative journal that examines race and class disparities in the Chicago area. He’s won numerous national and local awards, including the Society of Professional Journalist Sigma Delta Chi investigative reporting award.

You can follow him on Twitter at @dmgorenstein.


Features by Dan Gorenstein

Many immigrants may lose health insurance under the ACA

Today is the deadline to resubmit immigration status paperwork.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, Immigration, healthcare.gov

Venture capitalists connect with local doctors

How the relationship between doctors and patients becomes a business opportunity.
Posted In: venture capital, primary care, doctors

Obamacare could be a boon for tax preparers

Why firms like H&R Block may benefit from the ACAs complex tax implications.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, Earnings, tax preparers

Insurers find wiggle room in requirement to cover all

Some health insurers are discouraging the sickest patients from enrolling.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health insurance

Why you've been getting bonuses, not raises, lately

Companies are handing out bonuses, not raises, and that could be bad for you.
Posted In: wages, raises, bonuses

Painkillers will be tougher to get this fall

Tighter regulation can help combat drug use, but it could be too crude an approach
Posted In: painkillers, drugs, pharmaceuticals

Macy's settles up in profiling case

The department store will pay $650,000 and pledges to change its practices.
Posted In: profiling, Retail, Macy's, race

The cost of orange juice is too damn high

...And other reasons orange juice sales are at their lowest since 2002.
Posted In: orange juice

What's behind no-interest medical credit

A bigger chunk of hospitals' money is coming from consumers, not insurers.
Posted In: health insurance, debt, medical debt
Medical debt

Why medical debt is different from other debt

New FICO score calculations will lessen the impact of unpaid medical bills.
Posted In: medical costs, debt, credit score


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