Pictured from left to right: Southwest Airlines playing cards, Aristocrat playing cards, Bee Stingers playing cards, Jerry's Nugget playing cards, Sleepy Hollow playing cards, Bicycle playing cards. - 

As part of our series Pro Tool, we're looking for that must-have device in your line of work, be it a pair of scissorsnotebook, or bicycle

The next item in our series? A deck of cards.

Professional: Scott Tokar, tradeshow magician

Pro Tool: Bee Stingers playing cards. 

Why it's a Pro Tool: "It's got an Escher-like back design, a very good register -- so each card is intricate in its cut -- and the cut feels really good, too, in the shuffling."

Tokar showed us a few shuffling tricks of the trade...

Card Spring:

Standard poker shuffle and bridge:

Overhand shuffle:

Hindu shuffle:

Faro shuffle: 

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