Six californias 0
The logo for the "Six Californias" Initiative. The proposed split of California would create the states of Jefferson (blue), North California (purple), Silicon Valley (yellow), Central California (red), West California (Green) and South California (Orange). - 

Direct democracy as practiced here in the Golden State has just shot itself in the foot.

A venture capitalist from Silicon Valley offered a proposal late last year to break California into 6 different states.

It wasn't given much of a chance of going anywhere, but then the venture capitalist in question - Tim Draper - announced yesterday he's gathered enough signatures to get it on the ballot in 2016. 

My colleague David Brancaccio talked to Tim Draper about his plan when it came out.

Two things of note here:

1) Silicon Valley and all its money becomes its own state.

Handy, huh?

2) Central California would instantly become the poorest state in the country by per capita income.

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