With less than a month until the Presidential elections, voter Ereyda Monge fills out a voter registration form at the Miami-Dade Elections Department in Miami, Florida. - 

There are more than three weeks to go before the presidential election. So when that day comes and you are standing in the voting booth about to pull that lever, what will you be thinking about?

A poll released today by Bankrate.com asks whether your personal finances will be the deciding factor when you decide who next the president will be.

According to Bankrate.com senior analyst Claes Bell, 45 percent of those surveyed said that it wouldn’t make much difference either way. As to which candidate is considered stronger on the issue, the poll shows Obama with a slight lead. "29 percent said they would do better under Obama, whereas with Romney, 20 percent said they would do better," says Bell.

Those results were signifigantly different than those from a similar poll conducted by Bankrate in June. In that poll, both candidates received 21 percent of the vote.



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