The Federal Communications Commission passed new rules today to make it even tougher for telemarketers to make those unsolicited "robocalls." - 

Kai Ryssdal: We begin this Wednesday with the Do Not Call registry. Remember that? The list you could sign up on to stop getting those unsolicited telemarketing robocalls -- conveniently right at dinnertime.

There were, of course, some loopholes. Say a company you already had a relationship with.


Or a call purely for 'informational purposes' -- they could still autodial you.


I'm gonna ignore that.

Not any more, though. The Federal Communications Commission announced new Do Not Call Rules today. Businesses have to to get written permission from you before they can do it. And...



Daniel (on the phone): Hello I'm Daniel. I'm calling from Sunshine Cruises Limited...

Telemarketers have to include a way for you to opt out during the call. Maybe something kind of like this:

Daniel: Press 1 or 5 if you don't want me to call you ever again.

Sadly though, the new rules apply only to robocalls, which means that a live body could still try to get you on the phone, even at dinnertime.

Daniel: This is Daniel again. Why'd you hang up on me? I'm a living, breathing human being. I have feelings, what's wrong with you?

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