0124 igloo
A policeman stands on the roof of a hotel next to the Congress Center hosting the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in the Swiss resort of Davos on January 24, 2012. - 

Adriene Hill: Tomorrow, global leaders will descend on the snow-covered ski town of Davos in Switzerland. They do it every January for the World Economic Forum. But this year, they're not alone. Protestors from the Occupy Movement have set up camp.

Christopher Werth reports from London.

Christopher Werth: When the Occupy protests spread around the world last year, many supporters feared the movement would fizzle out when the cold weather came. But in Davos, the high today is a chilly -4 degrees. And to keep warm, protesters have built a camp of igloos big enough to sleep 50 people.

Protestor David Roth says the group is buried in over three feet of snow.

David Roth: We have a big snowfall. And probably to give courage back to the other Occupy movements that we should continue to with the protest even if the weather is really bad.

And he says Davos is the perfect place to direct the outrage of the Occupy movement. He says he doesn't think the politicians and business leaders he believes created the global economic crisis should be trusted to come up with the solutions to fix.

In London, I'm Christopher Werth for Marketplace.