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A young resident runs to take a leap into the bayou in Lake Hermitage, La. - 

The oil has stopped leaking,
loosely speaking.
BP's still tweaking.
Havoc still wreaking.

The drug Avandia
came in handy a
decade ago.
Now we know
the drug attracts
some heart attacks
but, weighing the facts,
the FDA backs it.

in the case against Goldman Sachs --
they settle the case,
and the stock reacts.

Earnings season:
so far, pleasin'.
There's a smile on the face
at Morgan Chase
and Alcoa as well as Intel
did swell.

Financial reform
survived the storm,
but it won't stop a bubble.
We're all still in trouble.

The economy's in the gutter,
a ship without a rudder.
Food prices fall, including butter.
But the golfing world is all aflutter
cause Tiger Woods has switched his putter.
He's not made for one putter -- he needs to be free.
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