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Move over cable

Nov 4, 2011
Google has been working on building a high-speed Internet service in Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., and it's looking like they might use...
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Drone on

Nov 4, 2011
Until the spring of this year, drone attacks on targets in Pakistan were steadily climbing. On March 17 a CIA-ordered attack killed several...
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Dividing up sides on SOPA

Nov 4, 2011
We first told you about the Stop Online Piracy Act last week when it was hot off the presses. It's a rather aggressive bill introduced in the House...
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Siri goes down

Nov 4, 2011
Apple's much ballyhooed artificial intelligence system conked out yesterday for several hours as many iPhone toting folks were forced to resort to...
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"Vengeful Librarians" are watching Twitter

Nov 4, 2011
The AP has a story today on a division of the CIA that sits around and reads tweets all day. Like, 5 million tweets a day. It's called the Open...
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Research In Motion is a "wounded puppy"

Nov 4, 2011
Marketplace Tech Report is not the most likely program in the Marketplace portfolio to do stock analysis but we have to take note of this one....
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New Nook details leaked

Nov 4, 2011
The new version of Barnes & Noble's Nook won't officially debut until Monday at a big glammed up event. But details of what will be called the...
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No Internet, no grade

Nov 4, 2011
Idaho just became the first state to require that all high school students must earn at least two credits from online courses. The new rule, which...
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New Reader stinks says guy who built old Reader

Nov 3, 2011
In a blog post yesterday, Kevin Fox, who helped design the original Google Reader, as well as the first version of Gmail, says that he doesn't like...
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Court finds for David in Goliath v. David

Nov 3, 2011
Yesterday a Spanish court threw out Apple's 2010 lawsuit against tablet maker, Nuevas Tecnologias y Energias Catala (NT-K). The relatively tiny...
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