LightSquared’s Plan B: swap spectrum with the military

Feb 16, 2012
Company tries to stay alive
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Why the FCC halted LightSquared's wireless network plan

Feb 15, 2012
Federal officials have nixed a plan by broadband company LightSquared to build a national wireless network. Politico's Eliza Krigman explains why and discusses what happens next.
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Weird phone call to Grassley about LightSquared

Jan 24, 2012
It’s kind of a weird day for stories, I suppose.
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LightSquared: The next big wireless company you may never see

Dec 22, 2011
Also, if you need to call someone, consider Callin' Oates!
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LightSquared signal still disrupts, says gummint

Dec 15, 2011
Bad news for futuristic hybrid phone company
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GPS industry and LightSquared still squabbling

Aug 18, 2011
LightSquared is trying to get off the ground as a viable wireless carrier. It's struggling because it uses both ground towers and satellites. But,...
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Lightsquared gets huge pile of money

Jul 5, 2011
$265 million to be exact from new and current investors. Lightsquared, of course, is the company trying to build a new wireless service based on a...
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Lightsquared: "We can change! Just give us a chance!"

Jul 1, 2011
Lightsquared is the heavily backed company that's planning/hoping to build a new 4G network using both ground towers and satellite capability. It...
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