White House summit on botnet combat held

May 31, 2012
Industry titans gather to figure out how to keep people off zombie networks.
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Operation Ghost Click

Nov 10, 2011
If your computer's acting weird and you don't know why, who you gonna call? Operation Ghost Click!...
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Long arm of the law reaches to Estonia and Russia

Nov 10, 2011
And so begins the extradition process for the F.B.I.'s Operation Ghost Click. Along with the Estonian police, the F.B.I. announced the arrests of...
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Watch out for drone hackers flying in the sky

Sep 8, 2011
Yeah, hackers are kind of scary. And drone aircraft, sure that's scary too. But what if you combined them?!...
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"Indestructible" botnet discovered. Burn your computer now. Move to a cave. Wear bark. It's all over, folks. Civilization will be discontinued. Thanks for everything. Good night everybody!

Jun 30, 2011
A botnet called TDL has apparently captured/enrolled/enslaved 4.5 million PCs and it may be very difficult to disable. The evil geniuses behind TDL...
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Feds uninstalling Coreflood

Apr 27, 2011
A couple weeks ago we told you about how the Department of Justice had taken over the command and control function on the massive Coreflood botnet....
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Spam around the world takes a nosedive as Rustock is brought down

Mar 17, 2011
Just so we're straight on terms: a botnet is a network of infected computers remotely controlled by an operator to do things their owners don't...
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Your smartphone can be part of a botnet

Jan 21, 2011
Botnets are big networks of zombie computers - when your computer has been infected with some kind of malware that will allow someone to take...
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