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Glencore, Xstrata merger approved by EU

Nov 23, 2012
Glencore, the Swiss commodities trading firm, is trying to takeover a mining company called Xstrata. And the deal just got a stamp of approval from European regulators.

New $57 billion deal in planned global mining merger

Sep 10, 2012
Trading giant Glencore has made a new bid for mining company Xstrata, thanks in part to some deal making by British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Glencore, Xstrata to form commodities giant

Feb 7, 2012
The merged trading and mining company would create a soup-to-nuts commodities giant that could impact prices of everything from, yes, soup to nuts.
A women holds a bottle representing polluted drinking water in front of the headquarters of Swiss commodities and mining giant Glencore on Oct. 12, 2011 in Baar. The demonstrators protested against Glencore and Swiss mining group Xstrata against the environmental impact of their mining activities.