Reich: Good debt, bad debt

Mar 15, 2006
Congress is poised to raise the nation's debt limit. The White House wants to boost the ceiling by hundreds of billions of dollars. Commentator Robert Reich says there's nothing wrong with debt, but it's what you spend it on that…

Google fights search seizures

Mar 14, 2006
Google seems to be have no fear about taking on the government. Today, the search engine does battle with the Justice Department at a hearing in California. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Frederic J. Brown (c) AFP/Getty Images

Senate looking into oil mergers

Mar 14, 2006
Today, executives from the nation's six largest oil companies go before a Senate committee. They'll be asked to explain whether mergers have anything to do with their gushing profits. Sam Eaton reports.

Recognizing drug courts' success

Mar 14, 2006
In Washington today, an event to celebrate the success of the nation's drug courts -- and to elbow the folks in Congress who slashed the program's funding last year. Jeff Tyler reports.

Budget battle

Mar 13, 2006
Forget the Democrats, Senate Republicans can't even agree among themselves over how to proceed with the 2007 federal budget, which hits the Senate floor today for debate. Hillary Wicai has more.

Dubai Ports World deal

Mar 10, 2006
In the wake of Dubai Ports World's announcement to transfer operations of US ports to a US entity, Sam Eaton looks at whether the arrangement could be a template for future deals involving foreign control of US assets.

Approaching the debt ceiling

Mar 7, 2006
The Treasury Department attempts to slow the accumulation of federal red ink today by issuing $7 billion in quick-turnaround bonds. Janet Babin reports.

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Metro voice

Mar 3, 2006
This week, the District of Columbia unveiled a new voice for its Metro subway system. And as Gretchen Cook reports, the nation's capital is getting it free of charge.

Your refund is waiting

Oct 27, 2005
The IRS is sitting on $73 million in unclaimed tax refunds. Tess Vigeland looks at what the agency is doing to get that money where it belongs.

Flooding and fairness

Oct 27, 2005
Today a House subcommittee takes up the issue of assessing flood standards in New Orleans and across the country. Sam Eaton reports.