So long as sharks are terrifying, there will be shark content

Jul 20, 2018
We talk to the writer of "The Meg" books, which hit the silver screen in August.
One of the world's largest set of shark jaws contains about 180 fossil teeth from the prehistoric species Carcharocles megalodon, which grew to the size of a school bus.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The slick business behind 'Sharknado(es)'

Aug 7, 2014
The Asylum hasn't lost any money on the more than 200 "mockbusters" they've made.

We have a tag for "Sharknado" stories

Jul 30, 2014
Our coverage of business and health insurance through the lens of "Sharknado"

'Sharknado' -- How the low-budget flick went from Twitter to the big screen

Aug 2, 2013
Once upon a time a little low-budget movie about a tornado and sharks taking over Los Angeles became a hit on Twitter, and grew up to head to a movie theater near you.