Wages up, productivity flat

Nov 2, 2006
The news today from the Labor Department grabbed Wall Street's attention. The numbers suggest companies may need to hire more employees and pay them more. What's it mean for the economy? Jeff Tyler reports.

Living in cars

Oct 31, 2006
As rent prices continue to rise, even some fulltime workers can't afford anyplace to live — except their cars. Lisa McRee reports on one California community that's trying to help.

Youth unemployment up

Oct 30, 2006
The ILO's latest report says that 85 million young people around the globe are jobless. Hardest hit: Southeast Asia where youth unemployment has risen 85 percent over the past decade. Ruth Kirchner reports.

The income trap

Oct 27, 2006
Minimum wage is shaping up as a big economic issue in this year's midterm election. Six states have ballot measures to hike the hourly wage. Amy Scott reports.

Small business, big downside

Oct 13, 2006
Small businesses are behind the job boom in the United States, but the workforce driving it faces an unhealthy dilemma. Bob Moon reports.

Paycheck mistakes

Oct 6, 2006
Finders keepers, right? That's the rule. Or does it change when you receive a little extra cash . . . by mistake? Sally Herships shares her story.

The job hunt

Sep 15, 2006
A college degree can open a lot doors, but keeping them open is another story. All across the country, recent college graduates face the grueling search for work. Youth Radio's Latifah Muhammad shares her story.

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Jobs for seniors

Sep 15, 2006
Older Americans want to work. So Tim Driver set up a site to match employers with eager seniors. Goodbye retirement. Hello, timesheet.

Day in the Work Life: Energy saver

Sep 8, 2006
On this week's 'A Day in the Work Life' -- our look at how folks trade their time for money -- we go green with an energy consultant.

Making a virtual impression

Sep 8, 2006
Everyone wants to impress their boss. Our own Jane Lindholm takes us on her journey to score brownie points. No ticket needed. But you might want to power up your computer.