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House falling in on related industries

Nov 7, 2006
Two of the nation's top luxury home builders reported steep drops in quarterly earnings today — and builders aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. Diantha Parker reports.

Housing market winners and losers

Nov 3, 2006
In September, new home prices fell by the greatest amount in 35 years. So what's the outlook for employers who bank on a soaring housing market? Diantha Parker reports.

Eminent domain's slippery, costly slope

Nov 2, 2006
Measures in four Western states would force local governments to pay property owners if regulations — such as zoning — reduce their property value. Commentator Jamie Court argues that would actually hurt taxpayers and homeowners.

Housing market continues slide

Oct 26, 2006
New home prices fell by the greatest amount in 35 years in September. The news comes on the heels of plunging existing home prices yesterday. So what's the outlook for the economy? Depends who you ask, Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

What affordable housing?

Oct 26, 2006
Commentator Moira Manion says that there's one thing standing in the way of affordable housing: Developers that only want to build multi-million-dollar houses for the middle-class.

Stuyvesant Towners movin' out?

Oct 18, 2006
A big developer purchased Stuyvesant Town yesterday for a whopping $5.4 billion. Alex Goldmark looks at what's next for Manhattan's last bastion of middle class housing.

Miami condo cool

Sep 15, 2006
Miami's hot condo market isn't so hot anymore. In fact, it is downright chilly -- and that cold front is moving across the country. What's an owner to do? Dan Grech reports.

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Downsize my space

Aug 18, 2006
The cost of keeping a home has become too costly for some -- so when it comes to housing, small is the new big. Bob Moon reports on moving down the property ladder.

Selling in a soft market

Aug 4, 2006
You want to sell your home, but you don't want the price to sink in the softening market. How do you protect yourself? Janet Babin reports.

Rents on the rise

Jun 2, 2006
What you need to know today about rising rents.