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How the tax changes hit your wallet

Jan 4, 2013
Americans are already being greeted with smaller paychecks thanks to new tax rates. How taxpayers at different income levels will br affected.

Increase in payroll tax raises concerns for Cleveland small business owner

Jan 2, 2013
Steve Presser, proprietor of Big Fun toy store in Cleveland, says although the deal to avert the fiscal cliff eases uncertainty among consumers, the payroll tax increase raises a whole other list of issues.

'Cliff' deal ends payroll tax cut

Jan 2, 2013
The short-term stimulus plan had pumped billions into the economy.

The fiscal cliff provisions you might not have heard about

Jan 2, 2013
Reading the fine print of the fiscal cliff legislation passed on Jan. 1.

Fiscal cliff deal raises payroll tax

Jan 2, 2013
The 2 percent payroll tax rise means that a person who earns $50,000 a year will pay $1,000 more in taxes.

Europe, post-fiscal cliff

Jan 2, 2013
European stocks scored gains in early trading after the United States reached a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, but will the optimism last?

What's holding up a House vote on the fiscal cliff deal?

Jan 1, 2013
After a day of wrangling, the House voted to approve a fiscal cliff deal late Tuesday night. What was the reason behind all the gridlock?

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Britain glad, but not surprised, over fiscal cliff's end

Jan 1, 2013
British worry that Americans will just keep printing money, rather than focus on our own austerity measures.

What's up, Europe? Greece, Spain and the fiscal cliff

Jan 1, 2013
Fiscal cliff drama is playing out on American airwaves, but are Europeans paying attention? And what advice can the cash-strapped nations of Greece and Spain offer American lawmakers?

Awaiting approval for state health insurance exchanges

Jan 1, 2013
The fiscal cliff was hardly the only important deadline today in Washington. Today's the day for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to tell states whether their plans for health insurance exchanges pass muster.