Is there a right kind of screen time?

Jul 27, 2018
How parents can navigate the minefield of kids and devices
A boy makes faces while testing out the Animoji feature on an iPhone X at the Apple Store Union Square on in San Francisco in 2017.

How early environments contribute to later success

Dec 22, 2015
Children raised in predictable — though poor — environments do better as adults.

Socioeconomic status could be affecting childrens' brains

Sep 3, 2015
A large-scale study shows a link between parental income and a child's brain size.
Elizabeth Sowell, a neuroscientist at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, points to a chart comparing family income and brain surface area.
Noel King

How reading on screens is rewiring our brains

Sep 4, 2014
Dr. Maryanne Wolf talks about the impact of reading and technology on the brain.

Educators question 'educational' kids' DVDs

Dec 21, 2012
Fancy educational toys don't give rich kids an advantage over poor kids when it comes to brain development.