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Taxes pay for the things we care about
Jun 29, 2021
Season 2 | Episode 2

Taxes pay for the things we care about

Even if we disagree about the details.

Back in Robin Hood’s day, tax-collecting sheriffs forced people to pay money to a king, who decided how those taxes were spent. These days our tax system works a bit differently. We get to vote for people who — we hope — will spend that money on things we care about, like schools and libraries, health care for elderly people, police, parks, sewers and so on. People still argue about how much tax we should each pay and how it gets distributed. Generally, how we spend our tax dollars reflect what we prioritize as a society. This week, Robin Hood will see how his ideas about taxes might be a little old fashioned. With the help of a rambling troubadour and a tax policy expert, we’ll see if Jed and Bridget can convince our new friend to change his tune.

In a four-panel comic, Robin Hood learns where his tax dollars go and how he can advocate for more conservation efforts in Sherwood Forest.
Leigh Luna/Marketplace

And now … tips for grown-ups listening to “Million Bazillion” with kids

Money Talks

Take a minute to recap the episode and review the key points. Here are some questions to get the kids going:

  1. Why didn’t Robin Hood think taxes were fair?
  2. What do we pay taxes on today?
  3. Who decides how our tax dollars are spent?
  4. What kinds of things do tax dollars pay for?
  5. How would you answer Annabelle and Lousinda’s question, “Why do we have to pay tax if the government doesn’t have to pay for building roads and schools and stuff like that anymore?”

(Click here for the answers)

Tip Jar

Renu Zaretsky at the Tax Policy Center explained that most people are more or less OK with paying taxes if they feel like the taxes are fair and if it’s clear how the money is spent. Here are a few resources for learning more about where your state and federal tax dollars are going. (Note: The content here is dense; kids might want an adult to help go through it.)

Gimme Five

And now it’s time to hear from your kids! We’re still looking for their answers to a couple of not-so-random questions for upcoming “Million Bazillion” episodes:

  • If you had the coolest job in the world, what would you be doing?
  • If you could invent a product that would make being a kid easier, what would it be?

Have the kids think these over, and send us a voice memo here

Now here’s a question for parents: Has the pandemic changed the way you’re teaching your kids about personal finance? We’d love to know more. Click here to tell us about it.

Chances are you still have more questions. That’s great! We’re always looking for more ideas to explore, and we’d love those ideas to come from you. Remember: Every episode of “Million Bazillion” is inspired by you! Click here to send us your question.

Money Talks answers

  1. In his time, the king forced people to pay taxes. And he kept the money for himself.
  2. Things we buy, our homes and property, and the money we earn.
  3. People we vote for — our government.
  4. Answers will vary.
  5. We keep paying taxes for roads and schools in order to maintain them and keep them running year after year.

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