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Marketplace for Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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This summer’s drought is affecting more than just farmers — it’s been drying up supplies for food banks across the nation too. Meanwhile, genetically modified crops are creating a headache for famers and the tires on their equipment. We visit a microbrewery in Oakland, Calif., to see how the decrease in lending to small businesses has affected them. Krissy Clark reports on people who pick up a second job to help pay the credit card bills in our “Money Matters” series. And Kai Ryssdal talks to two big winners today: a physicist who just won $3 million for his work in particle physics; and a poker player who will be reimbursed for playing a site that was declared a type of Ponzi scheme.

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Final Note

NYSE halts trading after strange volatility

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 1, 2012
It brought back memories of the flash crash a couple years ago.

Kevlar finds a new use: Protecting tractors from cornstalks

by Adriene Hill Aug 1, 2012
The stalks of genetically modified corn are tough, so tough that they're puncturing tractor tires. Farmers are fighting back.

Physicist Alan Guth wins major $3 million science award

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 1, 2012
The Fundamental Physics Prize is brand new and recognizes "transformative advances in the field." One of the winners, Alan Guth, talks about the big win.

Poker players expect big payout from online Ponzi scheme

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 1, 2012
Some online poker players are expecting a big payout soon, thanks to a multi-million dollar settlement between the Justice Department and two online poker companies. The companies were accused of running a Ponzi scheme.

Drought hits bread basket's food banks

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 1, 2012
Food banks across the plains are being hit with a triple whammy -- fewer donations from farmers, a decline in donations from the federal government and an uptick in demand.

Microeconomics through the eyes of a microbrewer

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 1, 2012
A brewer in Oakland says he'd love to expand, if he could only get a loan. His story illustrates a common complaint among small business owners.

Chrysler now rescues its savior: Fiat

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 1, 2012
Chrysler's sales surge and buoy Fiat, the company that rescued it. The reversal reflects the relative strength of the U.S. economy over Europe.
Money Matters

From banker to janitor -- all in a day's work

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 1, 2012
To get herself out of debt, one banker had to take a very different kind of job.

Why some people have cooled off of air conditioning

by Kai Ryssdal Aug 1, 2012
A look at the bigger societal implications of air conditioning and why some Americans are against it.

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