Sep 23, 2008

Marketplace for Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008

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How do taxpayers get a fair price?

Sep 23, 2008
How will the architects of the new rescue plan make sure we, as taxpayers, get a fair price? That's what lawmakers on Capitol Hill were asking today. Bob Moon has more.

Who's going to get in line for bailout?

Sep 23, 2008
What, exactly, would Treasury Secretary Paulson buy with that $700 billion? Originally, the plan was to buy bad mortgage debt from banks. But there's a push on to spread the wealth. Steve Henn reports.

Listeners let us hear it on bailouts

Sep 23, 2008
All it took was the threat of global economic Armageddon to get you going. Most of you who wrote to us are not too happy about the economic and financial state of affairs our country is facing. Kai Ryssdal reviews…

Google's dialing in to new market

Sep 23, 2008
Google has unveiled its long-awaited smart phone, called Android. It goes on sale next month and has a lot of features that will draw comparisons to Apple's iPhone. But Google may have another competitor in mind. Rico Gagliano reports.

Carbon-trading market warming up

Sep 23, 2008
The nation's first mandatory market in carbon starts in the Northeast on Thursday when the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative holds its first auction of greenhouse gas permits. But the bidding might not be all that hot. Sarah Gardner reports.

Frank talk about bailout plan

Sep 23, 2008
After making their case for the $700 billion bailout plan to the Senate banking committee today, Bush administration officials next will go before the House Financial Services Committee and its Chairman Barney Frank. Kai Ryssdal talked with him.

China's growing pains are showing

Sep 23, 2008
Despite its growth over the past 10 or 15 years, China's economy is hurting a bit. Marketplace's Scott Tong recently spent time in southern China, the heart of the country's manufacturing sector. He shares his impressions with Kai Ryssdal.

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