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Marketplace for Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008
Jan 29, 2008

Marketplace for Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008

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Segments From this episode

Does economy have a split personality?

Jan 29, 2008
Consumer confidence is down but orders for durable goods -- expensive stuff like refrigerators and computers -- jumped more than 5% last month. Which way is this economy going? Our senior business correspondent Bob Moon tries to sort it out with Kai Ryssdal.

Universal health care hits state snags

Jan 29, 2008
Two prominent experiments with universal health care in California and Massachusets have recently run into trouble. Still, some presidential candidates say they will be able to get coverage for all. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

What a few days off might have saved

Jan 29, 2008
French prosecutors on the case of the trader who cost the second-largest bank in France more than $7 billion say he's a trading addict. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports the bank might have saved itself some money if its managers had just sent him on vacation.
Jerome Kerviel
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Next time, let California go first

Jan 29, 2008
This presidential election season featured several states moving up their primary dates. Commentator Geoffrey Andersen says there's nothing wrong with early primaries -- as long as the right states go first.

How many countries are in your jeans?

Jan 29, 2008
Your blue jeans may be a good indicator of just how global the economy is. Rachel Louise Snyder follows tells the story of a pair of pants in the global marketplace in her book "Fugitive Denim." She talks with Kai Ryssdal.

Dutch plan for flooding: Higher ground

Jan 29, 2008
In the Netherlands, 60% of the population lives below sea level, thanks to dikes and pumps. But global warming is making it harder to keep up. Rico Gagliano reports how a new kind of water defense is changing the Dutch landscape and the way some farmers do business.

From 'Clipper Darrell' to 'Dallas Darrell'?

Jan 29, 2008
Professional sports is a cut-throat business. So it's not unusual for one team to poach top talent from a rival. What you don't see everyday is an owner trying to recruit a rival fan. Jeff Tyler reports.

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