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Marketplace for Tuesday December 16, 2014

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Airing on Tuesday Dec. 16, 2014: AMC theaters are offering a subscription deal. For $100 a month, you can see as many movies as you like. We look at how businesses are using auto-pay subscription models. Plus, Russia’s central bank raised interest rates overnight by 17 percent in an unsuccessful attempt to stem the continuing decline of the ruble. With the failure of this latest effort to shore up its currency, Russia’s economic turmoil is affecting global markets as investors lose confidence.

Segments From this episode

Russia ramps up response as ruble plummets

by Adam Allington Dec 16, 2014
Dramatic interest rate hikes are a first step, but Russia's economy will need more.

When the ruble falls, who hears it?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Dec 16, 2014
Ruble decline hurts Russians most, which could be a problem for everyone.

Subscription services stage a comeback

by David Weinberg Dec 16, 2014
More businesses are selling their services by the month. Unlimited movies, anyone?

December shores up 'mom and pop’ toy shops, for now

by Kai Ryssdal Dec 16, 2014
Kai Ryssdal talks to Steve Presser, owner of Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland.
Final Note

Coffee engineered to put you to sleep. Seriously.

by Kai Ryssdal Dec 16, 2014
Counting Sheep Coffee comes in two varieties: Bedtime Blend/40 Winks and Lights Out.

The Sony hack, dissected

by Kai Ryssdal Dec 16, 2014
Hosts Kai and Ben Johnson discuss lingering questions surrounding the Sony hack.

A different kind of higher education

by Mitchell Hartman Dec 16, 2014
A Colorado college wrestles with promoting sober academics while surrounded by marijuana.

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Gritty Shaker David Holmes
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