Jul 17, 2008

Marketplace for Thursday, July 17, 2008


Marketplace for Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Can IndyMac customers get a break?

Jul 17, 2008
Many depositors with the troubled IndyMac bank had to wait in line for hours this week to get their money out. They finally got cashiers checks, but it turns out other banks aren't in a hurry to cash them. Jeff…

Clinton targets cost of malaria meds

Jul 17, 2008
Anti-malarial drugs can be so expensive that people with the disease go untreated. Former President Bill Clinton's foundation has struck a deal that would limit the cost of the drugs. Janet Babin reports.

Making political points, not profits

Jul 17, 2008
With 2,000 left-of-center bloggers descending on Austin, Texas, this week for a gathering called Netroots Nation, we asked Marketplace's John Dimsdale to look into whether political blogging has profit-making potential.

Wanna buy an NFL team?

Jul 17, 2008
Owners of three National Football League teams are looking to make deals that will get them out of complicated financial situations. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan about whether the owners will get thrown for a…

Anything in the pipeline for Russian oil?

Jul 17, 2008
You may not hear a lot about it, but Russia is second only to Saudi Arabia in oil production. And, as Russia analyst Nicholas Redman tells Kai Ryssdal, it may have a greater potential for growth.

Here's how to predict future oil prices

Jul 17, 2008
Experts use complicated formulas to predict the future price of oil. But commentator Justin Wolfers says he's got a simple do-it-yourself method that works even better.

EA's Spore makes gamers the creators

Jul 17, 2008
Electronic Arts is about to release a new life-simulation game called Spore that takes players from a single-cell organism to interplanetary societies. GamePro Media's George Jones explains to Kai Ryssdal.

Financials boost mood on Wall Street

Jul 17, 2008
Oil prices went down, financial reports weren't as grim as expected, even the bank sector looked a bit better today. Amy Scott asks what's up with the predictions of gloom.

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