Nov 16, 2006

Marketplace PM for November 16, 2006

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Segments From this episode

Milton Friedman dies at 94

Nov 16, 2006
Nobel Prize-winning economist's free-market views went from the fringe to the mainstream. Sandy Housman reports.

Lessons in business and wine

Nov 16, 2006
E&J Gallo Winery President and CEO Joseph Gallo talks about the importance of opening new strategies and giving them time to breathe. More <a href="">Conversations from the Corner Office</a>

End of the line for nonprofit voter guides?

Nov 16, 2006
The FEC has fined the Sierra Club for swaying voters toward Democratic candidates in the 2004 elections, and that's making other politically active nonprofit groups nervous. John Dimsdale reports.

Crying foul over cable fees

Nov 16, 2006
The new NFL Network is set to air its first regular-season game on Thanksgiving night, but you might not find it on any of your cable channels. Kai Ryssdal asks sports business analyst Ed Derse what's going on.

More Clear Channel changes ahead

Nov 16, 2006
It's official: Clear Channel has agreed to a buyout offer from two private equity firms. The broadcast giant also says it'll sell its TV channels and a third of its radio stations, but don't expect a big difference on your…

Citigroup gambling on China

Nov 16, 2006
Citigroup will pay over $3 billion for a majority share in the flailing Guangdong Development Bank. It's hoping to gain a toehold in China's banking industry &mdash; but is it worth the risk? Bob Moon reports.

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