Apr 26, 2007

Marketplace PM for April 26, 2007

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Bad news with the good at Ford

Apr 26, 2007
Ford reported today a better-than-expected first quarter loss of about $282 million. But Micheline Maynard at the New York Times says there's less to that than meets the eye.

ConocoPhillips holds out against Chavez

Apr 26, 2007
Most foreign energy firms doing business in Venezuela have agreed to sell their oil interests to the government of President Hugo Chavez. But Houston-based ConocoPhillips is holding out. Dan Grech reports.

More than the war rides on funding bill

Apr 26, 2007
Congress today sent President Bush a $124 billion emergency funding bill for Iraq and Afghanistan — which he's said he'll veto. John Dimsdale reports on what's at stake.

NWA's attendants agree to work for less

Apr 26, 2007
Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines tentatively agreed today to paycuts that should clear the way for the troubled airline to emerge from bankruptcy by June. Alisa Roth reports.

A missing generation of nuclear energy workers

Apr 26, 2007
Hundreds of new nuclear plants have been proposed worldwide, including two dozen in the U.S., as a means to dealing with global warming. There's one little problem — who will staff them? Sarah Gardner reports.

Colleges need a sticker price

Apr 26, 2007
Commentator Kim Clark's been looking over some of the financial aid letters colleges send out. She suggests students and their parents read between the lines.

Working: Life as a Bulgarian pop star

Apr 26, 2007
In Bulgaria's booming pop music scene, a young woman is somewhat reluctantly capitalizing on music's economic opportunity. Sandy Tolan reports in the latest of our <a href="http://marketplace.publicradio.org/segments/working/"><strong>"Working"</strong></a> series.