Apr 17, 2007

Marketplace PM for April 17, 2007

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BMWs, beer and . . . solar power?

Apr 17, 2007
The leading market for solar power isn't a sun-drenched locale. It's Germany, where despite lots of clouds and rain, the solar-panel industry has brought a ray of hope to its economically depressed regions. Kyle James reports.

With empty homes, lenders lie low

Apr 17, 2007
Ohio has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. Cleveland and its suburbs are spending millions to maintain homes that nobody wants. And come billing time, lenders are making themselves scarce. Mhari Saito reports.

Coast Guard throws contractors overboard

Apr 17, 2007
The Coast Guard booted Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman today for, among other things, building eight cutters that had issues with seaworthiness. Alisa Roth reports.

Insuring the middle-aged market

Apr 17, 2007
AARP announced health plans for people between 50 and 64 and for those already on Medicare. Economist Glenn Melnick talked with host Tess Vigeland about what the organization for retirees is doing.

Subprime borrowers may have help coming

Apr 17, 2007
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say they'll unveil new programs this summer to let many subprime borrowers refinance their home loans. But some in Congress say such assistance needs federal oversight. Steve Tripoli reports.

The marriage penalty is so 1950s

Apr 17, 2007
Commentator Martha Burk says our tax system's treatment of married women may have made sense for Ward and June Cleaver, but it's time for a change.

Court puts bank regulation in federal hands

Apr 17, 2007
The nation's banks got some good news from the U.S. Supreme Court today. It ruled states can't make their own rules for bank subsidiaries. But the decision has consumer groups worried. John Dimsdale reports.

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