Sep 17, 2007

Marketplace for Monday, September 17, 2007

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Segments From this episode

No pause in music industry's tough play

Sep 17, 2007
The recording industry has gotten serious about illegal file sharing. In the last four years it has filed thousands of lawsuits. But, as Bob Moon reports in a special series, even those targeted by mistake, like Tanya Andersen, get no…

Iraq tosses Blackwater out of the war

Sep 17, 2007
The Iraqi government has revoked the business license of private security firm Blackwater USA, whose employees allegedly killed at least nine Iraqi civilians in a firefight. Steve Henn reports the company has played an important but controversial role in the…

Ruling is a bundle of trouble for Microsoft

Sep 17, 2007
A European Union court ruling that Microsoft is using its size and market share to keep competitors out of the market could create problems for how the software giant does business. John Dimsdale reports.

Size may not matter in Fed rate cut

Sep 17, 2007
Whatever the Federal Reserve annnounces for its expected interest-rate cut tomorrow, the housing meltdown and the credit crunch might have too big of a headstart for it to make much difference. Jeff Tyler reports.

What did he say, exactly?

Sep 17, 2007
Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan is making the rounds plugging his new memoir and commenting on the economy. But when it comes to getting his views on the threat of recession? You still need to check and re-check.

Farmers question roots of safety rules

Sep 17, 2007
In the year since the E. coli outbreak was traced to Salinas Valley spinach, California's salad industry has lost tens of millions of dollars. Processors have come up with new ways to protect the food supply. But some say they've…

Feeling a little solar powerless

Sep 17, 2007
Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh says she has had enough of fossil fuels and is ready to go solar. Anybody want to join her? . . . Anybody?

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