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On today's show, we kicked off a year-long series looking at how to feed the nine billion people estimated to be living in the world by 2045. Italy's preparing to adjust to a new prime minister. Insurance companies in the U.S. are making changes in advance to the health care reform. And we heard from a 1 percenter who's siding with the 99 percent.

Not so super committee

A little more than a week before the pre-Thanksgiving deadline for the Congressional super committee to come up with a deficit-cutting deal, and there's still no agreement in sight. Can they really deliver? Or is the super committee a wimpy waste of time?
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The scientific challenge

It's not one breakthrough that will feed the expected nine billion people in 2045, but rather making good on what science has already delivered.
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An Italian family braces for austerity measures

As a new prime minister takes office, promising to cut spending and introduce a new era of austerity, many Italians fear the scale of the cuts ahead.
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Gilmore: If the 1% had less, would the 99% be better off?

Join us for a week long commentary series asking that question. We'll hear from economists, academics, and the public.
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What's your tourism slogan for the U.S.?

A new marketing campaign calls America "The United States of Awesome Possibilities." Can you do better?

The Supreme Court takes up health care reform

It will decide whether it's legal to force people to buy health insurance. Big and small businesses hang in the balance.
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