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Marketplace for Monday December 8, 2014

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Airing on Monday Dec. 8, 2014: Are big drug companies finally being persuaded to research new antibiotics as opposed to more profitable drugs for cancer and chronic conditions? Plus, Cosmopolitan and CoverGirl just announced their joint sponsorship of New York Time Square’s New Year’s Eve celebrations for 2015. Finally, the dollar is up. Which is great, isn’t it? Well, maybe not if you’re an emerging economy.


Segments From this episode

Going on a therapeutic shopping spree

by Dan Gorenstein Dec 8, 2014
Historically, flexible spending accounts had to be emptied by year's end. But you can roll over $500 to next year.

Cosmo and CoverGirl team up on New Year's Eve

by Adam Allington Dec 8, 2014
Expect to witness "experiential advertising" while waiting for the ball to drop.

Why a strong dollar's a dud for indebted foreign firms

by Stan Alcorn Dec 8, 2014
The dollar is up. Great news, right? Maybe not if you’re an emerging economy.

Merck invests in new antibiotics

by Scott Tong Dec 8, 2014
Pharmaceutical companies have stayed away from developing new antibiotics even though deaths from drug-resistant infections are rising.
Final Note

Santa Claus' estimated salary for 2014

by Kai Ryssdal Dec 8, 2014
Billions and billions of customers served.

Jeff Bezos on the best gift he's ever received

by Nancy Farghalli Dec 8, 2014
Just in time for the holidays, we're reviving our series "Best Gift Ever."

Starbucks, potential tech juggernaut?

by Queena Kim and Raghu Manavalan Dec 8, 2014
Starbucks is rolling out Powermat wireless phone chargers in stores across the country.

Can the Democratic Republic of Congo rebound?

by Sabri Ben-Achour Dec 8, 2014
Over the past few decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been hit hard by war, currency instability and corruption.

Tell us about your best gift ever

by Marketplace Staff Dec 15, 2014
We're bringing back a classic holiday feature, and we want to hear from you.

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