Marketplace Tech for Monday, February 3, 2014

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Today Facebook releases a new mobile application called Paper. It doesn't really look a lot like Mark Zuckerberg's crowded, blue social network. But, it is part of his empire, and it might help the company keep building engagement by not looking like ... Facebook. Also, some of the newer high-valued companies in Silicon Valley these days are more focused on sharing with your business partners than sharing with your friends. Example: Box helps people and businesses share documents and other data on the cloud. And the young company privately filed for an IPO a few days ago.

The real cost of connecting a school to Wi-Fi

The federal government is shelling out more than $2 billion so more public school students can get online. But it's costly to add Wi-Fi.
Posted In: Education, iPad, tablets, LAUSD, wifi

Box headed for IPO

The cloud storage company focuses on helping businesses share data.
Posted In: Box, cloud, IPO

Facebook launches Paper app

The new iPhone app seeks to streamline the experience of reading Facebook.
Posted In: Facebook, iPhone, app

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