Marketplace Tech for Friday, June 14, 2013

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We've been talking a lot about privacy, surveillance, and the transfer of information this week. But here's a related headline you may have missed: Chinese scientists claim to have bounced single photons off an orbiting satellite and detected them back on the Earth's surface. So what? Well, that's something to cross off the list in the scientific race for what's called quantum teleportation. 

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The iPhone gets an office, a Microsoft Office

Microsoft is finally delivering a mobile version of it's Office software to the iPhone today. So what took them so long?
Posted In: Microsoft, windows, iPhone, software

A real life 'quantum leap'

Chinese scientists say they have bounced single photons of an orbiting satellite and detected them back on on the Earth's surface. Next step, quantum teleportation.
Posted In: physics, Science

Google warns of Iranian government spy campaign

Google says it has found evidence the Iranian government is spying on its citizens. The tech giant suspects the Iranian government is trying to head off any political unrest by looking at citizens' email correspondence.
Posted In: Iran, election, surveillance, Google

NSA news has some Americans changing their tech habits

Revelations about NSA collection of phone and online data has caused some Americans to change their habits. An example? A jump in the use of search engines that promise more privacy.
Posted In: nsa, surveillance, PRISM

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