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Jan 8, 2007

Marketplace AM for January 8, 2007

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Segments From this episode

Warm winter worries farmers

Jan 8, 2007
The Northeast's unseasonably warm winter hasn't created many problems yet, but fruit growers there are hoping to see some traditional January weather very soon. Steve Tripoli reports.

Sloan Sessions: Goodbye Bob Nardelli

Jan 8, 2007
Host Scott Jagow asks Newsweek's Allan Sloan how ousted Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli ended up with such a generous severance package when the company's been doing so badly.

Snow sports court minorities

Jan 8, 2007
Faced with flat growth in their traditional mostly-white market, skiing and snowboarding resorts are working to attract consumers of color. Jeff Tyler reports.

Goal: Keep us connected 24 hours a day

Jan 8, 2007
Bill Gates opened the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a keynote address that highlighted the latest industry buzzword: connected experience. Bob Moon reports.

McDonald's coffee one-ups Starbucks

Jan 8, 2007
McDonald's in the UK has agreed to buy its coffee only from certified ethically-sourced growers. It's the first fast-food chain to do so, Stephen Beard reports.

Pushing beyond Kyoto

Jan 8, 2007
The European Commission president meets with President Bush today with the hopes of getting the U.S. on board the "new industrial revolution."

Don't trash your old toys yet

Jan 8, 2007
As we upgrade our TVs, computers and cell phones, attics and garbage dumps are filling up with outdated electronics. Amy Scott reports on a more environmentally-friendly option.

Oil stops flowing through Belarus

Jan 8, 2007
Belarus has halted Russian oil running through a pipeline within its borders. It's the latest move in a trade dispute between the two countries — but Poland, Germany and Ukraine are paying the price. Stefan Bos reports.

No child left in the waiting room

Jan 8, 2007
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to guarantee health insurance for every child in the state — whether they're here legally or not. Sarah Gardner reports.

Air Force contract rules questioned

Jan 8, 2007
Midair refueling isn't just technically complicated, it's a political minefield as well. The Air Force has a contract on the block for aerial-refueling planes but one of the bidders isn't happy. Dan Grech explains.

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