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Segments From this episode

Unemployment in 2005

Jan 6, 2006
Business editor Cheryl Glaser takes a look at what the government's year-end unemployment stats are likely to say when they come out today, and what they could portend for 2006.

The Job Files: Pharmacist

Jan 6, 2006
In this installment of the Job Files, we check in with pharmacist Steve Kaufman.

Cloning scandal fallout

Jan 6, 2006
Repercussions from the South Korean cloning scandal continue to reverberate. This week, Science magazine announced a rare retraction of an article authored by the researcher at the heart of the scandal. Helen Palmer looks at whether the scandal has cooled investor enthusiasm for life sciences ventures.

Preschool teacher pay

Jan 6, 2006
Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner looks at why preschool teachers, on average, make less money than animal trainers.