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Amana funds

Feb 21, 2006
What's the secret to one of the most profitable mutual funds around? As Nancy Farghalli reports, it's Islamic law.
Pakistani staff and customers at the first Islamic bank, Meezan Bank, in Karachi

Wal-Mart earnings

Feb 21, 2006
The world's largest retailer posts its 4th quarter earnings today. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports that they're expected to be below what analysts had hoped.

Bush's push for renewable energy

Feb 21, 2006
President Bush visits the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado today to tout his alternative energy agenda. But as Sam Eaton reports, questions remain over whether the nation's top renewable research facility will face budget cuts.

The New Tab

Feb 21, 2006
Looking to cash in on the growing market for energy drinks, Coca Cola is relaunching the Tab brand as a liquid power boost for women. Andrea Gardner reports.