Aug 2, 2007

Marketplace AM for August 2, 2007

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Pros, cons of protecting against Yuan

Aug 2, 2007
China has been accused of keeping the value of its currency low to bolster exports. Cheap goods help U.S. retailers but can hurt manufacturers. Jill Barshay reports on the battle in Congress over protectionist measures.

Another foul for student loans

Aug 2, 2007
The student loan industry is already in big trouble. Now there are implications that athletics departments at 40 universities have been playing along with some ethically questionable marketing tactics. Jeremy Hobson explains.

Is StubHub's MLB catch good for fans?

Aug 2, 2007
The eBay ticket-trading service gets an exclusive deal with baseball to re-sell tickets on team Websites. But critics complain about the markup, and the move could block cheaper competitors. Steve Henn reports.

Put away your China-made toys

Aug 2, 2007
Mattel's Fisher-Price is recalling some $30 million worth of toys made in China because the paint used on them may contain too much lead. Geoff Dyer explains why this particular case is an unusually worrying one.

Why so bullish for Blackstone?

Aug 2, 2007
Questions about possible conflicts of interest involving stock analysts have surfaced again. Like how reliable are their recommendations, especially when they have vested ties to the stocks they're pushing? Bob Moon reports.

Mexico bordering on a new philosophy

Aug 2, 2007
While the U.S. wrestles over illegal immigration, a similar debate is occurring in Mexico over its southern border with Guatemala. But instead of building fences, Mexico's Congress may decriminalize the act and just send offenders home. Dan Grech reports.

Peace propels property values in N. Ireland

Aug 2, 2007
After decades of violence, Northern Ireland's Catholic and Protestant parties finally signed a peace deal in 1998. The changes since haven't been just political. The region is also experiencing an unprecedented housing boom. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Mouse + Penguin = cash cow

Aug 2, 2007
Sales of TV ads and theme park tickets helped boost earnings at Disney in the last quarter, but the Mouse House is already wooing tomorrow's customers. Yesterday it announced it's buying popular social networking site Club Penguin. Lisa Napoli reports.

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