Apr 13, 2006

Marketplace AM for April 13, 2006

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One dollar portrait

Apr 13, 2006
Ever wonder where the portrait of George Washington that adorns the dollar bill comes from? Reporter Sean Cole visits a Boston Museum to get the answer.

Mexican leftist courts businesses

Apr 13, 2006
Mexico's center-left presidential candidate is hoping to broaden his appeal by reaching out to the Mexican business community. Dan Grech looks at how well the strategy is likely to succeed.

Trans fats across the globe

Apr 13, 2006
A new report concludes MacDonald's fries in much of the US contain considerably more harmful trans fats than Mickey D's popular potatoes in other parts of the world. Ashley Milne-Tyte tells us why.

Beef fix

Apr 13, 2006
Three of the largest beef producers in the US have been found guilty of colluding to keep beef prices artificially low to drive smaller competitors out of business. Stacey Vanek Smith reports.

The team

Stephen Ryan Producer, BBC