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Marketplace Money for Friday, December 14, 2012

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It’s the season for giving, and this year that apparently includes company bonuses. Workers are also giving back to their companies, by skipping vacations. How has charity changed over time and why ’tis better to give than to receive? Plus, we give you a first hand lesson in Christmas tree buying and share why some people think you shouldn’t volunteer for the holidays.

Segments From this episode

Letters: Relocating for love and taxes

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
Can moving expenses be written off of your taxes if you relocated to be closer to your mate? How should you report a large gift to a non-dependent? Financial expert Louis Barajas answers listeners' questions related to end-of-year filing.

Has the U.S. become a no-vacation nation?

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
More Americans are using less vacation time. Are people too stressed and too cash-strapped to coordinate a getaway or are employers making it more difficult to take time off?

The holiday bonus: From turkeys to incentive plans

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
It used to be that you might get a turkey from your boss as a holiday bonus, but today a bonus check is more like it.

'Santa' and 'budget' can coexist

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
Families and experts share how they express their generosity without pulling out the plastic.

When it comes to charity, the poor give more

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
Those who earn $50,000 to $75,000 donate about eight percent of their discretionary income. That's twice as much -- percentage-wise -- as those making above $200,000.

The Christmas tree: A consumer conundrum

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
Every December, millions of Americans spend their hard-earned money on Christmas trees. To find out why this tradition persists and how consumers decide which tree is right for their budget, Tony Cox visited a busy Christmas tree lot in L.A.
Fiscal Cliff

Giving through the ages

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
Marketplace Wealth and Poverty reporter Shereen Marisol Meraji takes a look at how the charitable tax deduction has changed over time and why some think lowering it could benefit the middle class.

Calling for 'The Great Tithe'

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
With the in-fighting in Washington over the fiscal cliff, the future of tax deductions for charitable giving is uncertain. But author and philanthropist Kevin Salwen argues, if anything, we need to encourage more giving.

Why you shouldn't volunteer for the holidays

by Marketplace Contributor Dec 14, 2012
This time of year, the spirit of volunteerism begins to creep out of the deepest reaches of the cerebral cortex and sends well-meaning people in search of a deserving outlet for a helping hand. Commentator Zachary Slobig says for the greater good, please resist that impulse.

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