What is MAGAnomics, actually?
Dec 5, 2023
Episode 1060

What is MAGAnomics, actually?

What another Trump presidency could mean for the economy.

We’re less than a year out from the 2024 presidential election. And former President Donald Trump is still leading the pack of Republican candidates, by a lot.

This has us wondering: What would another Trump presidency mean for the economy?

“A big thing that Trump is promising to do — and it’s not buried in his speeches, it’s the headline — is to lay waste to what he calls the deep state,” said William Howell, professor of American politics at the University of Chicago. “And that’s going to have lots of implications for the health and well being of our economy.”

On the show today, how Trump’s plans to weaken the federal bureaucracy could disrupt the economy, how the former president’s proposals on immigration and Obamacare could go over, and what voters see in his economic agenda. Plus, what this could all mean for our democracy.

Then, we’ll get into a major data breach at the genetic testing company 23andMe. And, Moody’s lowered China’s credit outlook to negative. We’ll unpack what that means for China and what it has to do with political dysfunction in the U.S.

Later, thoughts on COP28 and some impressive Spotify Wrapped stats. Plus, what a gift wrapping expert got wrong about wrapping presents.

Here’s everything we talked about today:

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