Blockchain all the things. Or don’t.
Jun 5, 2018
Episode 67

Blockchain all the things. Or don’t.

It's so much more than bitcoin.

Could you explain blockchain in a few sentences? After this episode, we hope you’ll be able to get close. Pamela Morgan, an attorney and educator, breaks down blockchain for us with the metaphorical help of … kitties, yarn and pina coladas. There are thousands of blockchains, and you can use the technology for much more than cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum. (A blockchain mortgage, maybe?) We meet a couple who got married on blockchain. And we start with a “fix” about Apple’s new software announcements. Dark mode: engaged.

A few links from this week’s show: Some backstory for that Burning Man blockchain wedding, the marriage contract itself and more from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Plus, if you’re still having trouble explaining blockchain in a few sentences, we called on some friends for help.

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