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11: Why do our taxes have to be so complicated?
Apr 4, 2017

11: Why do our taxes have to be so complicated?

Turns out, they don't.

Six billion hours. That’s how much time the IRS estimates U.S. taxpayers spend each year preparing and filing their taxes. And with tax reform on the agenda for Congress and the Trump administration, it’s the perfect time to ask: Why are our taxes so complicated? Do they have to be this way? Kai and Molly asks T.R. Reid, the author of the new book “Fine Mess: A Global Quest for a Fairer, Simpler, and More Efficient Tax Code.”  Let’s just say the book has enough water cooler moments and stories to change the way you think about taxes and tax reform. Especially how we measure up to other countries. And we go to the heart of the filing business with an interview with Bill Cobb, the CEO of H&R Block. 

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