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A Texas safari club's solution to saving the rhinos? Kill one.

The Safari Club of Dallas, Texas wants to auction off the right to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros... for conservation purposes.
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Mandela knew economics could be tool of liberation, or oppression

The divided economy that Nelson Mandela had to confront in South Africa.
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A bank of, for, and by, the developing world

Leaders of the BRICS nations -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- are wrapping up a summit today. They have a new plan to create a bank to fuel economic growth in the developing world.
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South African miner cuts jobs and closes mines

The world's largest platinum producer Anglo American Platinum, also known as Amplats, is planning to close down some of its South African mines and cut around 14,000 jobs. The announcement comes after a series of strikes across the mining sector of South Africa at the end of last year in which mineworkers were demanding higher wages.
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European summit almost gets the job done

A deal was reached among the majority of countries in the European Union at today's summit, but a few countries are sticking on the sidelines.
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Coffee consumption on the rise around the world

Coffee consumption continues to grow globally, and some predict that the price of raw coffee will continue to dip in the coming years.
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David Cameron not ready to agree on treaty changes

While the rest of Europe is ready to re-write treaties in the hopes of healing the debt crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron is not ready to give up the interests of his own country.
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Report: Four minute showers ideal for environment, wallet

A new report out by the company Unilever says that while showers use less water than baths, the costs of heating affect both your monthly bills, and the wider environment.
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IMF: World's financial system a worry

The world's financial system is the "achilles heel" of the global recovery. That's the conclusion of a new report from the International Monetary Fund.
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