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Bloomberg moves to extend reach with super PAC

Oct 18, 2012
The New York mayor's new super PAC isn't the first time he's tried to change things nationally and around the world.

Did pop culture embrace Occupy Wall Street?

Sep 14, 2012
As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Occupy movement, a question: What sort of mark did Occupy make on pop culture?

Insured see climbing rates, as coverage declines

Sep 7, 2012
Consumer advocates say there's a trend in the home insurance industry to lower coverage in order to keep rates from increasing too much.

When it comes to home insurance, read the fine print

Sep 7, 2012
Consumer advocates warn that some home insurers have been holding premiums steady by providing less coverage.

U.S. auto companies make big comeback

Aug 28, 2012
The major Detroit automakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler, are all operating their factories at 100 percent capacity, according to a new report by the Detroit News.

How consumers view the economy

Aug 28, 2012
The consumer confidence and consumer sentiment indices come out this week. Analysts will be looking to see what they tell us about the U.S. economic recovery.

The 'Moneyball' of baseball ticket pricing

Jul 9, 2012
Pro sports teams now use dynamic pricing to keep pace with ticket brokers like StubHub.

Manufacturing jobs rebound in Midwest

May 9, 2012
America added 3.1 percent more jobs in manufacturing over the last two years, with the Midwest leading the way.

Are brick-and-mortar bank branches still necessary?

Dec 9, 2011
With more people banking online, banks are closing branches. But some community leaders say banks that provide face-to-face interactions are still important.

U.S. factories adapt to stay competitive

Nov 30, 2011
To combat cheaper labor costs overseas, some companies have switched from mass production to "mass customization."