Cheaper oil -- say what??

Feb 14, 2006
According to a new government report, oil should hit $56 a barrel by 2030. But wait a minute. Isn't oil already above $60 a barrel? Sam Eaton looks at the numbers.

Dutch solution no fix for New Orleans

Jan 30, 2006
As the Big Easy rebuilds in the wake of Katrina, some are calling for a Dutch-style network of levees and flood control structures. But a study to be presented this week warns such coastal protections would destroy the region's wetlands. Sam Eaton reports.

Top green-powered companies

Jan 26, 2006
Renewable energy sources are twice as expensive as conventional sources, but according to EPA, several major companies are increasing their reliance on green power. Alex Cohen tells us why.

Electricity and the Internet

Dec 20, 2005
Plans are in the works to offer two million Texas customers high-speed Internet over electrical utility lines. Alex Cohen looks at what impact this might have on the future of Internet delivery.

Green building

Dec 16, 2005
Environmentally friendly construction usually costs more than typical methods in the short-term... so green building advocates are taking the long view. Alex Cohen has more.

Flooding and fairness

Oct 27, 2005
Today a House subcommittee takes up the issue of assessing flood standards in New Orleans and across the country. Sam Eaton reports.