Vanessa Romo

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Small businesses showing support for protests

Oct 21, 2011
Some small businesses are providing food and services for local Occupy Wall Street protests. But is it fully for the cause, or just good marketing?

Boeing Dreamliner stalled on the assembly line, again

Jul 13, 2011
The supply chain for Boeing's long-awaited 787 jet has been stopped again to allow workers to catch up with assembly.

Tough economy forces states to rethink tourism funding

Jun 30, 2011
For years, the state of Washington has lured tourists to the Pacific Northwest with images of snow-capped mountains and Orca whales. But with a state budget fight in store, that marketing has come to an abrupt end.

EBT now stands for restaurant meals

Feb 17, 2010
Until now it's been a struggle to use food stamps at restaurants, but L.A. county's new Restaurant Meals program now allows EBT to be accepted at 500 locations, including Dominos and El Pollo Loco. Vanessa Romo reports.