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Flaunting their riches is not for the "stealthy wealthy"

Jan 23, 2014
Some rich folks keep their wealth to themselves - for a number of reasons.

The realities -- and pitfalls -- of giving away money

Dec 10, 2013
One philanthropist passes on lessons she's learned, including the risks of "following your passion" without doing your homework

Charitable foundations aren't just for the über-rich

Dec 9, 2013
There are some 80,000 private charitable foundations operating in the U.S. today, and you don't have to be crazy rich to launch a one.

Apply for free work today!

Aug 4, 2011
Mid-career internships may be a trend, according to articles on the Internet and anecdotes at dinner parties

The ups and downs of pretend investing

Jul 1, 2011
Feeling a little wary about diving into Wall Street? An entrepreneur merged social media and stock indexes to create a fantasy investing world, where you can invest without losing any real dollars but potentially win some greenbacks too.

'Smart pack' encourages social networking among e-cig users

Jun 21, 2011
Blu Cigs, a brand of electronic cigarettes, is coming out with a "smart pack" that will alert you when you're in the presence of other users.

A depressing job or a job for depressed people?

Jun 17, 2011
Stock brokers, financial planners, accountants: Workers of the financial industry are among the most likely to have had a major depressive episode in the past year. Reporter Sean Cole looks at what makes this industry more susceptible to depression.

A no-lose, no-cash-out way to gamble

May 30, 2011
Sean Cole looks at a game where people use real money to place bets, even though they know they'll never win. Ever.

PepsiCo aims to chip away at sodium content with Crystal Salt

May 30, 2011
The company that makes Lay's Potato Chips says it has developed a low-sodium chip that doesn't taste any less salty.

Copyrighted material staying up on YouTube

May 27, 2011
There's a lot of creative content on YouTube, some of it copyrighted. But instead of blocking that content, copyright holders increasingly prefer making money.