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Ruth Kirchner

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China's secret defense budget

Mar 29, 2007
Beijing comes under new criticism today for its steadily-rising defense budget. And that's just on the surface. It's accused of an aggressive military build-up: unknown amounts of weapons purchases and research not included in the official budget.

Coming back empty-handed

Dec 15, 2006
Treasury Secy. Henry Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke went to China for what they called a strategic economic dialogue. But somebody apparently forgot to tell the Chinese.Ruth Kirchner reports.

Translation: Let markets determine the yuan's value

Dec 15, 2006
Ben Bernanke got out his best Fed-Chairman-speak to call for what most U.S. officials want: a rise in the value of China's currency. Ruth Kirchner reports.

China doesn't want a lecture

Dec 14, 2006
Washington accuses Beijing of keeping the value of its currency artificially low, making imports from China unfairly cheap. China says the U.S. fails to recognize the headway it's making. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Making nice in China . . . for now

Dec 13, 2006
The U.S. trade delegation in China is off to an amicable start, but the mood may change tomorrow when the U.S. presents its list of complaints. Ruth Kirchner reports.

China's banks are open

Dec 11, 2006
China's domestic banking market opened to full foreign competition today, so foreign banks will be able to offer their services in the local currency, the Yuan, for the first time. Ruth Kirchner reports.

NYSE goes calling in Asia

Nov 27, 2006
NYSE chief John Thain is in China this week talking with firms that might be ready for overseas listings. But he has some hurdles to clear to convince them to list in New York. Ruth Kirchner reports.

New banking rules in China

Nov 16, 2006
China has announced long-awaited rules governing the entrance of foreign banks into its lucrative retail banking market. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Gutierrez warns China of American backlash

Nov 14, 2006
U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez this morning urged business leaders in Beijing to do more to crackdown on piracy and intellectual property theft. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Skilled labor shortage in China

Nov 2, 2006
U.S. companies in China continue to make some nice profits, but they are increasingly finding that it's difficult to staff their operations there with qualified workers. Ruth Kirchner reports.

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