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Indian spice traders guarded over foreign food giants in their market

Aug 11, 2010
Indian spice merchants are concerned that U.S. and European companies are muscling in on their market.

Slow Indian court system serves delayed justice

Jul 27, 2010
India's court system is backlogged with a deluge of cases. But a new record-keeping database may provide some hope for speeding up the country's justice system.

Yogis bent out of shape over posing patents

Jul 13, 2010
The art of yoga has been in practice for thousands of years. So many practitioners are surprised that some are racing to the patent office to lay claim to inventing specific poses. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

Big competition for low-end Indian jobs

Jun 30, 2010
Despite India's growth spurt, there are still too few jobs for the country's 450-million strong workforce. At the lower end of the country's job spectrum, competition for jobs is tough, especially after India shed 10 million jobs last year. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

Solar may soon power Indian rickshaws

Mar 12, 2010
Traffic congestion clogs the streets in Delhi, which was one of the first Indian cities to fuel its rickshaws with compressed natural gas to cut down on smog. Now it plans to go a step further. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

India coming up in animation world

Mar 5, 2010
India's IT sector is often perceived as just an outlet for outsourced technical drudge work. But its recent animation work on Avatar and other upcoming films is helping the industry shape a much more impressive image. Raymond Thibodeux reports.

Trash pickers in India go to waste

Mar 2, 2010
As India asserts itself as a rising power, its capital city is feeling the urge to spruce up its new image. New Delhi is hiring private contractors to collect trash from the streets. But that move isn't good for everyone. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

Some find ageless tomato in bad taste

Mar 1, 2010
An Indian scientist's discovery of how to extend the life of a tomato is being lauded by many as a breakthrough for the country's hungry and for farmers. But not everyone has taken to the idea. Raymond Thibodeux reports.

Gas line to India may be a pipe dream

Nov 3, 2009
There's not enough power to go around in South Asia, so India is hoping to get natural gas shipped in from Iran. But there's one big obstacle. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

India's domestic carriers face losses

Oct 15, 2009
India has been one of the fastest-growing markets for plane travel, but the airline industry there is now hurting. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.