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Quinn Klinefelter

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Using familiar faces could eventually open Detroit’s doors for census takers

Mar 25, 2020
The bureau is using workers people know or can identify with for house calls.
Detroit has a large Muslim population, and some imams have been stressing just how much federal funding depends on them taking the census. Above, a billboard advertising the 2020 Census in Arabic.
Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Canadians in the pot business need to be careful crossing U.S. border

Dec 18, 2018
Crossing to even discuss the U.S. cannabis industry can be considered trafficking.
A woman waves a flag with a marijuana leaf on it next to a group gathered to celebrate National Marijuana Day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

Looking for superheroes in Detroit?

Mar 24, 2016
A new app shows where scenes were shot for Batman vs Superman around Detroit
Downtown Detroit at night. 

One family's struggles with Flint's water problems

Jan 14, 2016
Lead and copper contamination has sparked disease and devastation in the city of Flint

Detroit hopeful for jobs action from Obama

Sep 7, 2011
President Obama visited the hard-hit Motor City earlier this week to discuss job creation initiatives.