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On Buffalo’s east side, inflation intensifies the daily struggle to buy food

“I have to get less food,” one shopper said. “So I plan very carefully with my food stamps.”
Shoppers at a mobile farmers market in east Buffalo, New York, where many residents struggle with access to grocery stores.
Brandon Watson

What we found in Buffalo, NY: Courage, innovation and a larger story behind the data

Nov 2, 2022
“This was the first time I saw the data match to a human experience,” says Nela Richardson, ADP’s chief economist.
Nela Richardson, ADP chief economist, talks with "Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal inside Taste of Soul, a restaurant in Buffalo, New York. “I think there's a detachment between the number, the data, and the people who those numbers represent,” Richardson says.
Brandon Watson

An economic "hope story" in Buffalo, New York

Over the past few years, pay for low-wage workers in the city has risen more than 40%, according to one analysis.
In Buffalo, there is "the sense that low-wage workers are doing better than inflation," says Nela Richardson of ADP, walking down Elmwood Avenue with "Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal.
Brandon Watson